Monday, February 16, 2009

The Gift of 500 Years

Friends may not share our passions, but when they understand them, it is such a blessing. Ben Yang (Creator of the YangFang Snow Saw) gave me a small chunk of cedar. Saved from the burn pile because he saw what it was.

It may not look like much but it is at least 500 years old. Old Growth Western Red Cedar with such fine tight grain. I've never seen anything like it. Already have a carving in mind for it... but for now i'm just enjoying being able to hold 500 years in my hands.


Bpaul said...

Holy score batman!

Titania said...

In 2007 I was in Portugal. My friend has 500 year old olive trees. They still bear olives and are very revered. I can understand your pleasure to hold this old piece of wood.

Patrick Gracewood said...

I know old olives as I grew up in So. California.
Tried to carve an old trunk once. It was like dropping my sharp chisel straight down onto concrete repeatedly. Too tough for me.

For all our grand plans, we come and leave too quickly. My hope is that some of the sculptures I make will be loved and understood long after I'm gone.