Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Inn Keeper Sculpture #2

Sculptors find ideas in the damnedest places. Creative Woodworking NW has a good streetside dumpster for scrap wood. Most folks use it for kindling. I find myself picking up these beautiful thin cuttings and bringing them to the studio. To SAVE them. It's true.

As they were taking up valuable studio space, I got the idea of using of using them as dimensional veneers. They add another layer of texture and meaning to the story, the horses in the manger behind the figure, and the the tree of Jesse growing behind the stable.


Anonymous said...

This is a very nice sculpture. Thank you for sharing it.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thanks, Sir Richard. There is something magical about wood for me. Regardless of what I make, the sculpture has the essence and life of the wood itself.

Since one of my wood working goals is to work with the nature of wood, allowing or featuring when it checks, warps, weathers and ages the end result feels like a whole.