Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Inn Keeper Sculpture

You can see a painting, take it all in in a glance. You have to live with sculpture.

The qualities I enjoy creating in a sculpture are often the very qualities that make it difficult to photograph. Unlike a painting, sculpture can't be reduced to a single viewpoint shot. If it is, you know that 364 angles are calling for their turn. It's actually more than that- as sculptural space is spherical, so in any photo there are thousands of missing views.

Complexity, depth and layering, and the fact I can tell different stories on different sides of my sculpture are what keeps me creating. The Innkeeper is a small intimate carving that invites you to circle, adding up the clues to her story.


Jala Pfaff said...

Very, very cool.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you, Jala. I'm hoping to post a short video soon that circles the innkeeper. It shows not just the different stories (front and back) but the relationships of the carving. That is what makes sculpture so interesting to make and view - the connectedness...

Glad it made a connection with you.