Monday, August 17, 2009

Geology and Rugged Terrain

Who says the federal government is stodgy?

The photo above is circa 1969 and shows a United States Geological Survey (USGS) scientist up on the glacier. I love the caption's scientific double entendre: Well-jointed quartz monzonite exposed on the north side of the peak northwest of Picket Lake on the west side of Ensawkwatch Creek.

To access the USGS archives click here

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Titania said...

Hi Patrick, great black and white. I remember this time skiing in the mountains in Switzerland, I still feel the sun, returning home with a tanned face. These pictures speak to me. How are your parrots? Our Cocky (not Kaneki) we had for nearly 20 years has flown away too just lately he has joined his mob!
He was free to come and go but now he is gone. We get lots of visits from sulphur crested cockatoos. They eat all our pecan nuts, waste them even the unripe ones. Have a nice weekend. I like your posts, how could we live without art?