Friday, August 14, 2009

Sculpture and Manuel Isquierdo

Manuel Izquierdo (1925 -2009) has died. He was a long term Portland resident, a beloved teacher and trickster. Manuel helped found the Pacific Northwest Sculptors organization. Walking through his studio, or rather studios, full of the tools of a lifetime of work was a lesson in itself.

I have a fond memory of him hosting the PNWS, making an enormous dish of paella (?) Can't spell it, but it was delicious. Jerry Joslin asked him to explain the meaning of one of his abstract sculptures. It was like watching a fuse ignite. Manuel was not one to suffer a fool gladly. He spouted and sputtered. "It means what it means!" but he kept on cooking. We ate and drank our fill and laughed and talked all evening long.

D.K. Row writes about his long and productive life and the art he made and the people he influenced.
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