Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sculpture and Atsco Oscar manniquin

Every so often you get lucky. On my way home from the studio, a friend called me to tell me about an estate sale. It was closing in 20 minutes. Go home? Check it out?

What decided me was that the estate was that of an artist. I found cool art books and a small Chinese votive figure, Quan Yin on a pig, but that's another post. Pleased at getting out for under $20, $19.50 to be exact, I looked behind the cashier and saw this artist's figure. I had to have it, a total deal at $42.00.

It was made by the ATSCO Company, in Los Angeles, Ca. in the 1930's. It's so beautifully articulated. Brass hinges and ball and socket joints allows all the Bakelite limbs to rotate, supinate, abduct and adduct. The torso can flex and extend. It's graceful in every position.

I was surprised at what this artist's figure is valued at, but even more pleased that it has a new home with another artist. This figure isn't decor, it's a working tool that I will use.


solarcellphonecharger said...

very nice of arts..

Suzy said...

There he is. Great poses. Nice lighting. Mine is strictly decor. But I am an artist and appreciate it so much! I haven't tried to draw the human body. Perhaps someday. Suzy

Anonymous said...

I have had one of these for years now. What an unbelieavable deal on yours!