Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sculpture and Scrap Metal Vandalism

Figurative sculpture is an odd beast.

Because it is life-like, even if it's badly done, it is more animate than abstract works. That makes the vandalism of it more macabre. Meth-heads often ruin bronze sculpture and memorial markers to sell to scrap metal dealers. Fine art for 79 cents per pound.

Here is a pair of severed hands that were sold to a scrap metal dealer. Portland police are asking for anyone who might recognize them or the sculpture they came from to contact Brent Bates at if you have any information that might be helpful.


danger garden said...

So sad. Why must people be so evil!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Hello, Danger Garden.
I dont know that people are, but meth certainly is evil. A doctor friend says "It prunes the dendritic branches", meaning it cuts things in the brain that shouldn't be cut..... and then folks do really stupid things.