Saturday, August 1, 2009

Inspiration for Sculpture

Heaven in a corner of the garden.

Sometimes summer is even more magical than I could imagine. Last year these Conca d'or lilies from B and D Lilies were amazing at four feet tall. One more year in the ground and they are 8 feet tall. (Next year 16 feet tall ????) Ten stalks with ten buds each = fragrance you can smell from half the yard away. Each flower is the softest lemon yellow fading to white. The whole colony is animated by the darker pollen anthers that sway like a kinetic sculpture in the slightest breeze.

Photos by John Osswald

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Titania said...

Oh, Patrick what a stupendous show. A staggering 8 feet tall. The waxy petals their colouring so subtle. I can imagine their sweet fragrance drifting lazily let you forget a world outside this enchanted garden. Many years ago I saw very tall Lilies, but they were more fluted and a dusky rose. Mine, the Christmas lilies, are snow white grow to a mere 1.5m have also a heavenly fragrance. They are now emerging in thick green bunches. I will make some photos when they are flowering and let you know.