Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sculpture and Genghis Khan in Mongolia

For starters, he would correct the pronunciation of his name. Real Mongolian name of Genghis Khan is Chinggis Khaan. Then he'd probably decapitate you.

But his image is changing, literally. Already his image is on vodka, cigarettes and an energy drink. Now he's becoming a brand of his own theme park, the Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex. The Cenco Toour Bureau, a Mongolian Company has spent $4.1 million dollars on the giant steel statue and surrounding buildings.

The scale of the statue is amazing. 131 foot tall giant on horseback rapped in 250 tons of shiny stainless steel. You can take an elevator and exit between his legs ( We are all his children?) to an observation deck to see the Mongolian steppes.
Top photo from hubpages

2nd photo from Flicker

from 8/3/09 New York Times by Dan Levin.

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