Monday, June 27, 2011

Sculpture and Beatriz Cunha

Beatriz Cunha, has created a large stone sculpture called Titan's Heart.
Beatriz Cunha and her crew with Titan's Heart
Do you know your Greek mythology?
The Titans were once the reigning gods in Greece. They were overthrown by the Olympians, Zeus and company.  I love how the mythology of ancient gods and their struggles for power can inspire meaningful contemporary sculpture.
Carving out the major forms. (All photos by Beatriz Cunha ©2011)
The new piece signals a change in Cunha's work. After a winter's reflection, Cunha decided to move her work towards a more basic, elemental, biological/realistic approach and connect it to the human condition.
What is more evocative than a heart?

The heart has had deep symbolic meanings in many cultures throughout history and is at the same time the organ of our bodies that is essential for life. It has a larger magnetic field than the brain. The title, Titan's Heart, just came as an illustration of its size, a heart that big had to belong to a Titan.

Cunha says, "A giant stone heart is connected with the elements and the origin of the material side of our nature. It relates to our existence, to our history, to our place in nature and time."

Beatriz had picked the big red limestone block directly from the quarry, but set it aside because it didn’t fit her then current body of work. She trusted that the right idea for a particular stone never fails to come.  When she began her new sculpture series the large red stone was waiting for her.

Titan's Heart will be shown at the summer public art exhibition in Sintra, Portugal.

See more of Beatriz Cunha's work here and visit her sculpture blog here.


jomyshyne1 said...

Oh my ! That is stunningly beautiful... the glorious heart! I can feel mine beating a little faster with unmalicious envy LOLOL


Beatriz Cunha said...

Wow! Thank you Patrick!
It's great to see my work appreciated by another artist and posted on your wonderful blog.

Patrick Gracewood said...


I've found when people are kind and generous that a little bit of support can go a long way to encourage us to keep creating our art.

It's is such a rewarding but difficult life, we need to help each other however we can.
Glad to be of help to you in showing your powerful sculpture on ShadowsOnStone.