Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sculpture and Beatriz Cunha

Sintra, Portugal. What a beautiful city for a sculpture exhibition!
Titan's Heart by sculptor Beatriz Cunha was installed for the 8th annual public art exhibition in Sintra, Portugal.      See more images of Sintra and Beatriz Cunha's stone sculpture here.
Titan's Heart by Beatriz Cunha.
 Anyone else want to pack your bags and leave with me for Sintra? Right now!

All photos from Beatriz Cunha's blog


Beatriz Cunha said...

I know you're joking but really Sintra is very much worth the visit. It's my favorite place in the world (that I know).

Patrick Gracewood said...

my comment is only half in jest. I'd love to go to Sintra, but must first sell a lot of sculpture.

Sherrie Y said...

Me me me! Take me! Oh, right. Sell stuff first.