Friday, June 10, 2011

Sculpture and the Library

I  love our downtown Portland library. It's beautiful. I wander outside of my interests and discover new inspirations.
Here's sculpture as metaphor.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,  the clever juxtaposition of rock and egg as a visceral metaphor for relationships saved me from reading The Science of Trust. 
Bravo book designer/photographer, I get it.
I found myself using my camera several times.

Instead of checking out heavy over-sized art books for a few images, I used my camera to record them. No need to check the book out, no worries about late fees, easier to track my digital images on my computer and then print them if needed.

Have you noticed your use of the library or books changing?


Theresa Cheek said...

Such a touchy subject with me. I worked in a library for ten years (in another life time) and have a huge passion for books...the real thing...not a kindle. The whole experience of holding a book, smelling the printed page and feeling the weight of it in your hands is almost a religious experience!
But, things have changed radically in our lifetime....I still buy tons of high end art related books but, fiction is quickly dying due to nook and kindles. I think nothing will replace all books but, in general, the adult fiction sections in libraries are becoming ghost towns.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Theresa, I'm right there with you, minus the past life experience....
Nothing beats a real (art) book in hand. (Tho' I also have treasured fiction stashed on the top shelf of my bookcase.)