Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sculpture and Olivier Duhamel

Can't afford a foundry to cast your work in bronze?

New Zeland artist, Olivier Duhamel, has created an illustrated tutorial on lost wax casting that shows you step by step how to cast your own bronze sculpture.

Duhamel shows you how to cast your own small bronze object using the ceramic shell process. The manual demystifies the bronze casting process and makes it easily achievable by anyone, at low cost.

See the book . A PDF download is a bargain at $16.00 (US).
A paper version of the Bronze Casting Manual is available from Amazon.

Duhamel's video is a good way to understand his low-tech approach. Using his book and methods you could be casting your own work in bronze this summer!


Beatriz Cunha said...

I know a little about bronze casting, it’s a lot of work, many different phases to go through...
Thanks for sharing.

Patrick Gracewood said...


Verdad! Bronze IS a lot of work.

I swore after school that I would NEVER work in bronze until I could afford a good foundry.

I love writing that check because I know how much work goes into every step of the process.

I also know that if I don't work regularly in a process there will always be one (crucial) step that is forgotten. I don't enjoy the many steps of bronze processes enough to want to do it myself.

For others where casting is an enjoyable challenge, isn't it great to learn how-to from Olivier?

Anonymous said...

Any body knows some art foundry in Portugal? Please let me know I'll add them in the next version of the "Bronze casting manual"

Many thanks,


Theresa Cheek said...

Oh gosh, don't get me started on a new craft to master! It is very interesting to see the process....thanks for sharing.

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