Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sculpture and the Allison

Some days, a field trip out of the studio is just what's needed. Especially in our unusually mild winter.

Pam Kill of GreenGold Studio asked me to accompany her to see the landscaping at the Allison, an inn and spa in Newberg, Oregon. The Allison is located in the Willamette Valley's wine country, with a vineyard of its own as part of the 35 acre property.

The entrance is an attractive combination of wood, stone, metal and water.

As you enter and move towards the door, you realize that the pool is more like a river!

The sound of falling water welcomes you to the building.

Outside the ground floor rooms are small patios, each has a pair of
 Life Chairs from the Brickell Collection
Even small details like this foliage motif on a drain tie in with the theme of natural materials.
We walked the grounds, and ate a light lunch. No spa for us, so back to work.

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kara rane said...

relaxing.. & enjoy the wood surrounding the large rocks, as compared to the water..lovely.