Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sculpture and Dance

I'm off to the snow next week. I am teaching with Carolyn Stuart our 
5th Annual WOW of Contact Improvisation with Touchmonkey

The WOW will be January 22 to 27 at beautiful Breitenbush Hot Springs in the mountains of Oregon
Patrick Gracewood and Carolyn Stuart

Carolyn Stuart and Patrick Gracewood
The dance of Contact Improvisation offers the experience of belonging and freedom. When in contact we belong, when improvising we are free. Wow!

This week long immersion focuses on developing awareness in order to study and expand our capacity for mutual well-being. We’ll use intention, research and relationship to refine our ease and accuracy in the dance.

Relationship supports expression. The unfolding of expression is infinite. We explore options to enhance our interbeing. Being where we are, becoming happens.

Resting in the ride of mutual well-being is the ahhh of C.I. Wow!

Come celebrate your self-awareness and ability to improvise, on and off the dance floor.
Give yourself the gift of Contact!

Carolyn Stuart and Patrick Gracewood are the Touchmonkey limb of C.I., a dance duo exploring, teaching, performing the ‘wow’ of contact improvising for 25 years. They’ve found the play of inquiry, experimentation and discovery to be intimate, infinite and life saving. Currently they offer C.I. events at Gracewood Studio in Portland, OR.
REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320
INFO: Carolyn 503.282.2938 or

ENDS: Wed or Fri lunch
COST: Sun - Wed $90, Sun - Fri $120, plus lodging
DEPOSIT: cost of lodging


Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

Sounds like a great workshop!

Ecstatic Café said...

Improvisation has been the norm in most cultures throughout most of human history. Nowadays, though, improvisation is largely associated with jazz, and its antithesis is Britney Spears at one end of the spectrum and a classical symphony at the other. Improvisation -- that foundation of the musical impulse in man -- has been drained out of classical music and much of contemporary popular music like the Taliban shutting down music stores. What happened