Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sculpture as Community. Sculpture as Ritual

It's hard to make your art AND document its creation at the same time.  That's why we jump ahead to the angel at this stage. Creation is about flow and documentation is all about editing.
A visit to the Goodwill provided the angel's clothes: cotton curtains and sparkly gold florist's ribbon.  The cardboard wings are covered in Chinese joss paper also known as spirit money. It's traditionally burned in ceremonies honoring ancestors, appropriate here, honoring Dorothy.

2012 is also the year of the Dragon, that diagonal board behind the angel is the dragon's body.
Guests are arriving and I'm still working! Here's the gold spray painted base for the Dragon's head. Heavy gold card stock paper will form the dragon's beard and scales. You can see how I cut and shaped the paper in this short unedited video.

Remember that this sculpture is created to be seen in the dark, so what looks gaudy under the lights, sparkles and reflects with the light from the fireworks.

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Theresa Cheek said...

I love the placement of the Joss paper-perfect!