Monday, January 16, 2012

Sculpture and Social Media.

She saw it on Facebook before she saw it in the garden.
That's NOT a good thing, as she lives here.....

It's another disturbing example of virtual living instead of a real life walk in the garden.

Granted, she wasn't feeling well, but being outside might help instead of being glued to the monitor.
It is odd, being a sculptor, knowing that the digital life of my work will be seen by more people than ever get to physically experience it in real life.

I've wanted this Chinese stone sculpture for several years. 

The site is a direct sight line from the garden entrance. Three Italian cypress, Cupressus sempervirenswere planted several years ago. They'll form a solid green wall behind the pedestal, which has been empty and waiting. Once I finally got this lovely carving from Cargo, all I had to do was carry it into the garden and place it.

... and post the result on Facebook to prove that it happened.


Landscape Design said...

Even though a lot of people will never experience the sculpture in real life to truly enjoy it, at least more people will be able to see it through the internet and social media. :)

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

I get this completely, as you know from our recent conversation. Try reading how your kids week has gone on FB instead of a phone call.