Monday, January 30, 2012

Sculpture and a Desk-top Memorial

This little memento mori sits on the window sill in front of my desk.

Photograph by David Bales ©2012
This vignette began after visiting graveyards in Provincetown that date back to the early 1700's. I found a small piece of shale, split it and carved  Life & Death on the two interior faces. When closed the two words are like a powerful secret contained. Open, it  reminds me of friends who've died and not to waste precious time on the computer.

The tiny Balinese carved mammoth ivory skull is remarkably detailed. The lense is a rifle scope that magnifies the message: What are you doing with your life?


Titania said...

Hello, after a long time, still around. Patrick this is a wonderful carving. Life and death both very much part of us. I wished we would also celebrate the dead like in Mexico. I have not written much anymore in Under a hotter sun, should, there is still so much to tell! lovely to see that you are around and enjoying life. Stay well, happy and healthy! T♥

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you, Titania, good to hear from you again.

There is always more to say, but I'm noticing that time is so precious, that we often choose to spend it doing, or even better, NOT doing.